Hound Superfoods MUSCLEHEALTH is a 100% all-natural mixed protein meal topper powder with no artificial colorants, flavors and binders. It is made from a mix of Australian Fish, Mantis Shrimp and Gummy Cartilage to promote muscle development and provide a diverse array of health advantages. A serving of this powder equips your pet with all the essential elements uphold a thriving, healthy life.

Harnessing fish’s protein power to promote muscle development within a single powder blend.

Diverse Benefits
Combining the nourishment of fish protein with the various health benefits associated with our cartilage, shrimp and abalone powders.

Protein Booster
Increases the nutritional value of your pet’s food while enhancing the flavor of their regular meals

Maintenance Recommended Dose:
Sprinkle over your dog’s food for 1/2 teaspoon for every 10 kgs of body weight, Recommended up to twice daily.

70% Australian Fish, 15% Mantis Shrimp, 15% Australian Mustelus Antarcticus

​Nutritional Analysis
per 100g

Protein 74.9g
Total Fats 4.4g
Carbohydrates 8.8g
Essential Minerals 9.9g
Moisture <10g
Energy 353.73kj
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